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Lesson 44 : Idghaam ( Blending or Marging)

Outside the rules of Nuun Saakin ْن or

Tanween : (Two Fatha ( ً ), Two Kasra ( ٍ ) and Two Dhamma ( ٌ ),

Idghaam can also occur in the Qur'an due to certain circumstances as will be mentioned now in this section

Idghaam can be separated into 3 different categories:

1. Idghaam Mutamaathilain (Idghaam of 2 identical letters) :

This occurs when 2 same letters are found together, the first is saakina and the second is mutaharrik
a. As the 2 letters are the same, they therefore share the same makhraj and sifaat
b. So the first letter is blended into the second, hence the second letter takes a shaddah (ّ)
c. This applies whether it is in one or two words (whether both letters fall into the same word, or one letter falls at the end of the first word, and the second letter falls into the start of the second word)
d. ghunnah is NOT pronounced (except for the letters نّ, مّ and ,as ghunnah is ALWAYS pronounced for these 2 letters when they carry a shaddah)

Please note, Idghaam can either be complete or incomplete:

Complete when there is absolutely NO trace of the saakin letter during pronunciation, as is in this category of Idghaam Mutamaathilain.

Incomplete when there is SOME trace of the saakin letter during pronunciation, as you can see in the examples below, and later.

2 . Idghaam Mutajaanisain (Idghaam of Similarity)

Requirement : This occurs when 2 letters have the same makhaarij, but different sifaat The 1st letter is saakina, the 2nd is mutaharrik

Effect :
-The 2nd letter takes a shaddah
-Incomplete Idghaam or Complete Idghaam depending on the order of the 2 letters
-The saakined letter is blended into the mutaharrik letter

Further Notes : This idghaam occurs at 3 makhaarij: a. Makhraj of Taw, Daal, Taa, b. Makhraj of Zaw, Dhaal, Thaa and c. Makhraj of Baa & Meem

3 . Idghaam Mutaqaaribain (near, close)

This idghaam occurs when 2 letters have a makhraj that are close together (whereas the previous 2 idghaam shared the same makhaarij)

This Idghaam occurs at 2 makhaarij, but carry different sifaat which are Makhraj of Raw - Laaam and Makhraj of Kaaf - Qawf.

Please Click here to view a printable chart summarizing the rules of Idghaam.

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